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Are you paying too much for your home insurance?

Save money with a Wind Mitigation Inspection

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No one likes paying for home insurance.  It is one of those things that we simply have to do.  On the other hand, you don't have to pay too much for your home insurance.

How do you know if you are paying too much?

By having a Wind Mitigation Inspection.

Many people are not aware that insurance companies in Florida are required to give you a discount on your insurance if your home meets certain requirements.  Obviously that only applies to new homes right?  Actually most homes will meet at least one of the requirements.  I have only inspected a handful of homes that did not qualify for some discount.  In fact many homes will qualify for several hundred dollars in discounts!

A study by Risk Management Solutions in 2010 found that as it is currently implemented, the Wind Mitigation Program "allows 99% of the homes in the state to qualify for some level of credit".  My experience performing inspections would agree with their conclusions.

I don't know about you but I don't want to just give the insurance company several hundred dollars a year that I don't have to.

Does everyone save that much?  Of course not.  Most of my customers in the Orlando area were able to save around $150.00 a year.  Some saved less and some saved as much as $800.00.  That's each year.  Not bad when you consider that this discount is supposed to be good for up to 5 years.

So what is the catch?  There is no catch.  You simply have to have a Wind Mitigation Inspection done by a qualified inspector such as REM Inspections LLC.  You then send the report to your insurance company and you find that all this time you have been paying too much for your insurance.

If you live in the greater Orlando area, I would be happy to help you save money.  Just give me a call at 407-637-7288 and start saving.

Remember, the lowest priced home inspection may be the most expensive!

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Copyright 2013 - 2014 by REM Inspections LLC - All Rights Reserved