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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
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Why You Should Use Me?
for your Wind Mitigation Inspection needs
There are a lot of inspectors out there that do Wind Mitigation Inspections, so why would you choose me?  A Wind Mitigation Inspections should be very straight forward so why would one inspector be better than another?


I have done hundreds of Wind Mitigation Inspections and so far none of my inspection have been refused by insurance companies.  I have had a number of insurance agents call me to help them sort out questions and problems with inspections done by other inspectors.  While it should be pretty simple and straightforward, many inspectors do not take the time to do the inspections correctly or to take the photos needed to properly document the credits that the homeowner should be eligible for.  Others try to fill out the report by hand and send in some photos that the insurance agent has to try to sort out to try to apply the credits.  All my reports are computer generated and include more than the required photos in the same report, all labeled to avoid confusion.


Check out my qualifications on my Credentials page.  The combination of my Home Inspection experience and my construction experience allows me to in some cases, apply a credit that a less experienced inspector may not even realize exists (even though he sees the same thing I do).


You want to make sure that the inspector you allow into your home is insured.  The fact is that many of them are not.  Many contractors will do the Wind Mitigation Inspection at a lower price than some Home Inspectors.  the problem is that the contractor carries insurance that covers contracting but he does not realize that the policy will not cover him while doing inspections!  I found out how hard it is for a contractor to get insurance to cover inspections when I was going to do the inspections under my contractor's license.  Most insurance companies wouldn't even give me a quote.

Likewise the insurance that many home inspectors carry will not cover them while doing Wind Mitigation Inspections.  While asking a few unrelated questions of my insurance company, I discovered that my $1,000,000 insurance policy (most contractors and home inspectors only carry $300,000 coverage) did not cover me while doing Wind Mitigation Inspections.  I had to change companies (at a higher premium) and I made sure that the policy specifically stated coverage for Wind Mitigation Inspections.

My Guarantee

I have had insurance agents and Realtors tell me that one of their clients had someone else do an inspection for them but the insurance company would not accept the report do to inadequate documentation so the customer was going to have to pay for the inspection again.  If I do an inspection, I guarantee that it will be accepted.   If it is not, and I can not get the insurance company to accept my report, I will refund the price of the inspection. (I have never had to make good on this guarantee yet!)


I consider it an honor when you choose me to be your home inspector.  I will try to do my very best to earn that trust you have placed in me.  I want you to call me the next time you need a home inspector and to enthusiastically recommend me to friends and family if they need inspections.
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Wind Mitigation Inspections
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