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What Discounts can you get with a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
While there are 7 categories listed on the State Wind Mitigation form (OIR 1802).  Most homes will only qualify for a few of them.  In fact, here in the Orlando area, there are a couple that I rarely find.  For instance, I rarely find homes with hurricane shutters.  If I do, they are usually only on some of the openings.  To qualify for a discount the shutters have to be on every opening that is not already impact resistant.

Another thing I rarely find is a Secondary Water Barrier.  I do occasionally find it, but not often.  It is an extra item that most people do not have installed. 

The most common categories that I find during my inspections are the roof covering meeting the Florida Building Code (the roof having been installed after 2002), roof deck attachment (roofing contractor have been required to re-nail the roof decking since 2007), and hurricane clips (most homes built since the late 70s will have clips or straps).  Although if the straps are not installed properly, the home will not qualify for a discount.

I also find a number of homes that qualify for a discount for having a hip roof.  Keep in mind that the roof may be generally a hip but if there are some non-hip features, it may not meet the requirements.
Wind Mitigation Inspections
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